Successful leaders have a nose for opportunity and a knack for knowing who to tap to get things done. These qualities depend on a set of strategic networking skills that nonleaders rarely possess.

How Leaders Create And Use Networks, Ibarra & Hunter,
Harvard Business Review January 2007

We're here to help people who need to:

  • Bring in new business
  • Get the best out of a graduate intake
  • Raise finance
  • Develop a new product
  • Enter a new market
  • Manage their career path
  • Get a start-up off the ground
  • Encourage staff to communicate across functions or departments

Management Advantage founders Judith Perle and Tony Newton met on the Sloan Masters programme at London Business School. During their time there, one of the key concepts on the Operations Management course was that of 'order qualifiers' versus 'order winners': the difference between the things that get you, your product or service on to the 'pitch list', and the ones that actually get you the business.

The problem is that corporates and business schools pride themselves on teaching or having the hard skills to get the job done, but so often these technical skills (creating a business plan, understanding IP, pricing a bond option) are actually only 'order qualifiers'. They get you through the door, but everyone else standing in line for the business can also demonstrate those same skills.

But the truth is that where business is actually won and lost is often through the successful application of the 'soft', interpersonal skills that can get overlooked in the cut and thrust of corporate life.

Teaching those skills is exactly what we do with a variety of courses designed to offer practical coaching in a 'workshop' environment. Each workshop involves one or two presenters and is designed to be modular, flexible and above all to have practical application and impact on the business lives of the participants.

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