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Amazin' Amazon

I'll be the first to admit that one has to take Amazon reviews (or those of any other un-moderated site) with a pinch of salt. How many book reviews are penned by the author's proud mother? How many restaurant, hotel or product reviews by their owners (or indeed jealous competitors, in the case of appalling ones)?
But aside from one review that we asked our PR person to write, because that's her job, all the other 25 (at time of writing) come from people who have given what we have every reason to believe is an honest appraisal of what we've written. Most reviews give us five stars, and a few give us four.
To date, there's nothing lower than that. In an interesting aside on human nature, one reviewer confided to us that "I would have given it five stars, but on-one ever believes five star reviews so I gave it four instead." We're extracting some nuggets from these reviews and putting them up here on the website, but you can see all Amazon reviews here.
At no. 174,663 in the Amazon rankings, we're clearly not yet a top 10 bestseller, which doesn't worry us too much as a) we never expected to be; and b) we haven't told the big wide world about the book yet. Watch this space.

So here it is, Merry Christmas
Strangers on a Train


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