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Make That Call!

It's all very well putting books on trains and getting nice reviews from people we know, but if we want people in any numbers to read the book and take our messages on board, we need to get coverage in both conventional and 'new' media.

The first few calls made on our behalf all sound very positive, but of course the 'proof of the pudding' is whether anything useful appears in the public domain. You won't be surprised to hear that Judith and I are making every effort to harness our own networks to encourage that coverage rather than relying on 'cold' calls by Katherine, our PR manager.

One of the interesting things about networking as a topic is that it's relevant to the media across both job function and industry sector, so the range of periodicals and sites we'll be speaking to is pretty huge.

As we 'press the button' on our PR activity, I realise that the URL to the 'media resources' page on the website is a long and convoluted string that needs to be abbreviated to something neater. I'm also perplexed to find that the authors photos and book cover graphics that were there have disappeared.  Another thing to add to the 'to do' list which somehow never gets any shorter, however many items I tick off.

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