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On the Train, Off the Train

Today sees the 'book on train' project take off in earnest as I travel to King's Cross with a very heavy bag full of books. To avoid the risk of creating a security alert, I've spoken to the PR people at both Network Rail and one of the Train Operating Companies, but it's clear that the people I really need to get 'buy in' from are the crew leaders on each train.
The plan is to put three copies on the book on trains travelling to each of the final destinations served by the King's Cross/St. Pancras hub. Why three? No very good reason other than a compromise between budget and logistics (posh word for how many I can label, carry and track). Why each final destination when several trains share part of the route? Only because each destination represents a terminal node on the network.
The crew leaders are, without exception, helpful and (to a greater or lesser extent) interested in the project.  Not one feels the need to refer to Higher Authority to get the OK.
My bag gradually gets lighter as I tick off the list of destinations, and I get an echo of the 'road not travelled' as I opt to place a book on one table rather than another, potentially changing the person that picks it up and the entire course of that book's travels.

I run out of books before I run out of destinations, so I'm going to have to refill my bag and come back tomorrow.

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