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Strangers on a Train

When you first arrived at this website, you'll have seen a big button on the front page labelled 'I Found Your Book!'
Up until today, no-one could find a book because there weren't any to find. But that's all changed. This morning, the East Coast mainline train I took to Newcastle had three extra passengers- specially labelled copies of 'The Network Effect' that invite finders to take the book with them and log on to this website to tell us where they'd found the book, and where they plan to leave it.
Each of the books has a unique ID and a nickname, so that finders will be able to track their book via this blog and a twitter feed. We have no idea whether the project will work, or where books may end up- but that's half the fun of research into networks and networking!
It's not long before we have our first 'bite': a copy of the book nicknamed 'Hugo' has been found on a train coming BACK to King's Cross and the finder tells us that he'll be leaving the book at Stansted aiport.
Will 'The Network Effect' in the shape of 'Hugo' be going abroad? Time will tell (we hope...)

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