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'The Network Effect' takes shape

Writing a book isn't just about getting the words right: it's about making sure that the look and  feel of the book matches the words inside and conveys something of the author's personality.  With two co- authors, that's potentially a minefield, but what Guy Callaby, our designer, has created is a book where we're pretty sure that the collar and cuffs match.  Judith and I both love what he's done, and we hope you will too.

It's been a long slog getting the text right, and an even longer slog getting all the permissions needed for quotes, case studies and graphics with which the book is peppered.

Creating a website to match the styling of the book was something that had me worried until I came across Eric Cuthbert and his team at   I knew that we wanted a  Joomla- based  Content Management System, I knew that we wanted presentation that was informative and fun but not flashy, and I knew that we didn't want to be 'taken for a ride' with an overblown web development project. What they've delivered so far has been exactly what was requested- to time and to budget. As one of those people who prefers to ride shotgun with a designer to get web changes right first time rather than have endless rounds of iterations, working with There-fore's  Przemek Kenar has been a real pleasure.

As the sky darkens for the Guy Fawkes weekend, it's frustrating that we'll have to wait until next week for very last tiny pieces of the jigsaw to be added to the book (authors' photo by Ali Baskerville of and website (tweaking functionality).

The Frog and the Lily Pond


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