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Up Periscope!

Books have started surfacing. To recap, we've put specially labelled books on trains leaving London's King's Cross/St. Pancras stations and invited people to tell us where they found the book, and where they plan on leaving it (or did leave it) for the next person to find.

You can see the detail of each book's movements by following the project on Twitter @network_effect, but to date we have nine reports from seven books. With about 60 books placed so far, that's something around a 10% response rate.

So what's happened to the others? Worst case scenario is that train cleaners have trashed them, but the hope is that the rest of the books are being carried around by people who are reading them and enjoying them. Assuming a week or so to get through the 230 odd pages, I hope to be seeing more books surface in the next few days.

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