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You don't know what to backup until it's gone...

It may look like quite some time between this blog post and the last, but it's yet more evidence not only of the need to back stuff up, but also exactly what needs backing up. This site was working fine until a  few days ago when 'pow!', it suddenly couldn't find the SQL database that powers it. A lot of email to-ing and fro-ing with the web hosts told me that the database had disappeared from the server. Of course, files don't just disappear- someone or something has to delete them. But no log of any such activity and certainly nothing like that done from the admin side.

Restoring from backup should have been easy- until I discovered that the SQL database isn't backed up as part of the Joomla CMS backup process which merely links to it...backup has to be done separately through PHPmyadmin.

The reason I mention this is that we thought we had everything safely backed up, but obviously didn't. Cut to a few days ago when my Android phone suddenly died. Turned out it was the EFS folder that had been corrupted- and that's the one key folder that contains your phone's IMEI information without which it is useless...and guess what...the EFS folder isn't backed up in any of the usual backup packages.

I could probably re-create the various blog posts since 2011, but that's a job for a very rainy day.  Suffice it to say that we're still getting good reviews of 'The Network Effect' on Amazon, and that the most recent book to re-surface from the 2011 'Book on Train' project was on 5 Feb 2014, when it emerged from a pile of books in London's Streatham.

In June, I attended an eye-opening Summer Institute course in Social and Organisational Network Analysis at Carnegie Mellon University, which yielded many insights on just what degree of analysis and forceasting is possible with the data streams coming out of social networks.

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