Good writing isn't just about being grammatically correct: it's about giving shape, direction and enthusiasm to your communication and making the recipient feel that they want to respond positively to your specific request or suggestion. And in a world of instant communication, the written word gives you the opportunity to do what the telephone can't: to decide precisely what you want to say and how you want to say it before presenting that information to the recipient. That preparatory time is invaluable, yet many people dash off letters and emails without sufficient thought as to the content or presentation: no surprise then that so many letters and CVs get 'binned' and so many emails get deleted without being read. But this full day workshop isn't about optimising your CV. Putting it bluntly, it's about getting the preparatory work right so that your CV even has a chance of being looked at. We work with recruitment consultants, outplacement agents, HR professionals and headhunters, and we know how their minds work and how easy it is to press the wrong buttons ... and what to do to make sure you press the right ones! Consolidating or improving your written communications will help you get the best from your follow up and covering letters, new business emails/letters and requests for information or 'face to face' meetings. The written word may not have the immediacy of the phone call or the meeting, but it's still crucially important to get it right first time. Emails get saved, copied and forwarded; letters get photocopied and archived. If you get it wrong, it's there on file for anyone to see. This workshop provides ample opportunity to review and critique examples of each type of written communication, to try out new ideas and structures in a safe, supportive environment, and to discuss specific issues attendees may want to raise in connection with their own written materials. The course leader brings to this workshop his extensive experience in writing, editing and publishing - for the media, for PR purposes and for business communications. This full day workshop is held at the school's premises or at a venue booked by the school. We provide a comprehensive workshop manual and offer immediate post-event email and telephone support to attendees. Six hours teaching (approx.) plus lunch and tea/coffee breaks. Workshop led by Tony Newton. Minimum 6 participants, maximum 30. Guide price: £1,525 for full day workshop Travel and subsistence expenses (charged at cost), travelling time (£25 per hour per presenter, to the nearest hour) and VAT are additional to these prices.



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Tony led a great interactive session on Networking at one of Durham Business School's MBA Residential Seminars, which I had the pleasure of attending. He engaged all attendees in the discussion and opened up many pairs of eyes to new possibilities in relation to that subject matter, which definitely added value to my approach thereafter. I am certain that his networking session will be one of the richer memories that I will take away from my MBA course.

Andrew Thorpe, Durham Business School MBA