• Ever wondered why you had the right words but didn't get the job?
  • Ever been unsure which chair to take at an informal interview?
  • How can you be sure that you appear calm and confident?

With so much communication being non-verbal, how you do and say things is at least as important as the actual words you use. If you’re trying to make the right impression at a job interview, making a new contact in the job hunt, entering into a negotiation about a job package, or simply trying to get along better with colleagues, an appreciation of the importance of non-verbal communication can make the difference between success and failure.

This workshop presents a range of tools and techniques for interpreting non-verbal cues, and for ensuring that the signals you give out are appropriate and really do match their intended effect. Access to these tools will enhance your influencing skills, help you understand what's going on behind the façade, and give you an enormous advantage in 'reading' people's real intentions, motivations and concerns.

There is ample opportunity for 'role play' to try out new techniques and approaches in a safe, supportive environment, and to discuss and resolve specific issues.

A typical workshop covers the following topics:

  • The non-verbal vocabulary: appearance, touch, facial expression, eyes, voice, posture and gesture, space and time
  • Putting the package together: lies, white lies and insincerities; how to tell if someone is interested, bored or indifferent; and the non-verbal structure of power and influence
  • Real life scenarios and role play

At the end of the session participants will:

  • Have a range of tools and techniques for interpreting non-verbal cues
  • Be able to ensure that the signals they give out are appropriate and really do match their intended effect
  • Be better able to 'read' people

Participants receive:

  • A comprehensive workshop manual
  • Immediate post-event email and telephone support
  • An invitation to join the Management Advantage group on 'LinkedIn'

Duration: Half day
Workshop led by: Judith Perle
Group size: Minimum 6 participants, maximum 20
Guide price: £1,006 per half day workshop.
Travel, subsistence, travelling time and VAT are extra. The workshop is held at the client's premises or at a venue booked by the client.
Report back to client: Detailed quantitative and qualitative participant feedback in Excel format



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