• How can you be sure what you're really worth?
  • Do you appreciate the difference between 'salary' and 'package'?
  • Do you make concessions too quickly and wish you hadn't?

Negotiating a job package is in some ways very different from negotiating any other business deal: the stakes are high, it's very personal and you're gambling with your own money. Quite apart from that, you're often exposed and isolated from those around you who might normally help in the decision making process.

Whether you're applying direct to a company or dealing with a recruiter, accepting the first offer that's made is rarely the right thing to do...but how do you increase the value of the offer without pricing yourself out of the market or making other candidates look like more attractive, less troublesome propositions?

If emerging from business school full of self-confidence, the very human desire to seize an employment opportunity can fool us into making quite unnecessary concessions when it comes to agreeing the remuneration package.

Even if you've been headhunted and made to feel flattered that your particular talents and track record are just what the client's been searching for, that's no guarantee that their opening offer will fully recognise your value...and do you really know how far they're prepared to go to get you?

This one day interactive workshop is designed specifically to look at the issues arising when negotiating the terms of a new job. Using a combination of example, anecdote and role-play, workshop leaders Cliff Dixon and Tony Newton unravel the negotiation process to discover the forces that are actually at work in shaping the package that attendees will ultimately accept or decline.

A typical workshop covers the following topics:

  • Why good negotiation skills are crucial to modern life
  • Salary isn't the only thing open to discussion
  • Strategies for negotiation
  • Choosing the right tools for the situation
  • Non-verbal communication in negotiation
  • You can negotiate any time, any place, anywhere

At the end of the session participants will:

  • Be better equipped to negotiate a job package
  • Understand the viewpoint of the recruiter and headhunter
  • Recognise what can and can't be negotiated
  • Know how to access relevant information about an opportunity
  • Appreciate the concept of 'relative power'
  • Know how and when to use a variety of negotiating gambits

Participants receive:

  • A comprehensive workshop manual
  • Immediate post-event email and telephone support
  • An invitation to join the Management Advantage group on 'LinkedIn'

Duration: Full day
Workshop led by: Cliff Dixon and Tony Newton
Group size: Minimum 6 participants, maximum limited only by room size.
Guide price: £1,950 per full day. Travel, subsistence, travelling time and VAT are extra. The workshop is held at the client's premises or at a venue booked by the client.
Report back to client: Detailed quantitative and qualitative participant feedback in Excel format



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Tony and his colleagues at Management Advantage have delivered workshops to our MBA course at Aston for several years. Tony is a great guy to work with, very professional and our MBA participants always rate his workshops well.

Angela Edkins, Careers Adviser, Aston Business School