Aspiring leaders must learn to build and use strategic networks...They must accept that networking is one of the most important requirements of their...roles... We have seen over and over again that people who work at networking can learn not only how to do it well but also how to enjoy it. And they tend to be more successful in their careers.

Ibarra & Hunter, Harvard Business Review, Jan 07

  • Do you always know the right person to contact when you need help, advice or information?
  • Are you at ease walking into a room full of strangers?
  • Did you realise that 48% of post-MBA jobs are found through networking*?

The impending job hunt is very much on the mind of most business school students, programme directors and careers advisors. But you can't simply rely on the the School's contacts, on job ads or on search firms.

Doing a good interview and writing an impressive cv are important but not sufficient. Creative job hunting is about finding the right person to speak to; it's about getting good information and advice; it's about making yourself visible and memorable; it's about meeting people and doing something productive with that contact ... it's about creating rapport.

And it doesn't stop there. Having found your next job, do you realise that consistent, confident and effective networking is key to your future success? Research shows that networking plays a vital role in post-MBA career progression, business development, team building, entrepreneurial success, and general business leadership.

The good news is that these are skills can be codified, taught and put into practice with immediate effect. Our 'Six Degrees' workshop is designed to be modular, flexible and above all to have practical application and impact. There is ample opportunity for 'role play' to try out new techniques and approaches in a safe, supportive environment, and to discuss and resolve any specific issues that you may have in creating and getting the best from networking opportunities.

A typical workshop covers the following topics:

  • How networks really work - harnessing the power of your network
  • Making a good impression & getting the best from events and meetings
  • Creating rapport and building relationships
  • The importance of effective follow-up
  • Contact management essentials
  • Networking for long term benefit
  • Setting goals and making it happen

At the end of the session participants will:

  • Understand the importance of networking for the job search and in their professional life
  • View networking as a positive and enjoyable activity
  • Have added lots of practical tips and tricks to their personal 'toolkit'
  • Feel more comfortable meeting people at events of all kinds
  • Know how to stay in touch with contacts and develop long-term relationships

Participants receive:

  • A comprehensive workshop manual
  • Immediate post-event email and telephone support
  • An invitation to join the Management Advantage group on 'LinkedIn'

Duration: Full day
Workshop led by: Judith Perle or Tony Newton
Group size: Minimum 6 participants, maximum 30
Guide price:
£1,525 per full-day workshop. Travel, subsistence, travelling time and VAT are extra. The workshop is held at the client's premises or at a venue booked by the client.
Report back to client: Detailed quantitative and qualitative participant feedback in Excel format

* AMBA Salary & Career Prospects Survey, 2003



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The course involved a high level of group discussion, which enabled participants to share experiences and immediately apply the concepts introduced through role play. A truly fantastic course.

Andrew Nagberi, Assistant Vice-president, Credit Suisse First Boston, (quoted in The Times)