Managing politics at work without losing your shirt...or your soul!

Are your staff wasting precious energy and valuable resources indulging in office politics? Do you want to encourage a harmonious working environment and organisation-wide co-operation? Do you want your staff to be able to influence with integrity?

For many of us the notion of being political comes laden with all sorts of negative assumptions. Indeed, how many of us claim "I don't do politics?" Perhaps we have even used the term "Political" as a slur against someone whose actions we did not approve of?
In today’s business world, this approach simply won’t work. Research by Roffey Park, the prestigious research, training and development institute, suggests that we are working in ever more political environments: “69% of respondents … reported that political behaviour was rife – and on the increase. In today’s organization just doing a good job is no longer any guarantee of success or even survival – a key ingredient of success is building political ‘savvy’.”

The bottom line is that organisational life is political, and hoping that politics will go away, or claiming that we just don’t do politics, are no longer viable options if we are to achieve our ambitions.
Management Advantage, in association with Politics at Work Ltd, are delighted to present a one-day workshop which tackles these very issues.
Packed full of tools, tips and techniques, this workshop will have a huge impact on the way your staff operate, survive and thrive in the modern workplace. It will help them to understand what is really going on around you in your organisation, identify hidden agendas and negative self serving tactics. Equipped with this new awareness they will then be shown how to use proven techniques to minimise these disruptions and develop their political skills to influence in positive and constructive ways.

Staff should attend this workshop if they are:

  • ambitious and talented
  • under pressure to deliver results
  • operating in a complex structure
  • responsible for implementing change
  • starting a new role
  • frustrated at having missed out on promotion
  • struggling to understand what is going on
  • determined not to become mired in the murky world of office politics

During the workshop they will learn:

  • how to understand the political dynamics in your organisation
  • how to recognise the 21 most common negative political strategies
  • what to do when faced with a political manoeuvre
  • how to cut through inappropriate politicking and create win/win outcomes
  • to develop their skills as positive politicians in order to influence with integrity
Benefits include:
  • increasing credibility and recognition
  • being more confident and objective about political activity
  • gaining greater support for initiatives
  • protecting projects from resistance and disruption
  • saving time on inappropriate politicking
  • minimising the impact of disruptive individuals
  • driving through change with greater speed and longevity

What past attendees have said:
“The workshop was outstanding and will have a positive effect on my approach to the business.”
“We got opportunities to try out many of the strategies for dealing with situations.”
This full day workshop is held at the client's premises or at a venue booked by the client. Attendees receive a copy of 21 Dirty Tricks At Work by Mike Phipps and Colin Gautrey. Six hours teaching (approx.) plus lunch and tea/coffee breaks. Workshop led by Mike Phipps of Politics At Work Ltd.
Minimum 6 participants, maximum 30.



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I attended the Science of Networking workshop, run by Tony as part of the Amey Talent Management Programme. Tony's personable nature and enthusiasm for the subject is contagious making his style of training informative and engaging. A valuable learning experience and one I would recommend.

Tamsin Bovenzi, Management Systems Co-ordinator, Amey