• Do you dread having to speak in public?
  • Do you end a presentation or speech wishing you could have had more impact?
  • Are you comfortable with your ability to engage and win over an audience?

Let's face it: there are lots of presentation skills workshops out there to choose from, so why choose ours?

The fact is that for over seven years, we've collected and collated the feedback received from almost every workshop we've given. Hundreds of workshops and thousands of participants, and our average score for 'presentation' is running at over 8.5/10. That's pretty good considering that we have to keep an audience engaged, interested and attentive for up to seven hours of teaching at a full day event.

What that feedback means is that we're demonstrably pretty good at presenting. It also means that the content of our own presentation skills workshop is based on a real understanding of presentation dynamics. It's based on our own experience of putting ourselves in front of challenging audiences week after week.

Our 'Good On Your Feet' workshop is structured to give practical help to small groups of people and takes as its starting point the fact that any presentation can be deconstructed into a number of identifiable elements and that individual participants will vary widely in their comfort with each of those elements.

Those component parts are individually discussed, practised and critiqued in a series of exercises (including video recording) and ultimately woven back together to ensure that by the end of the workshop, all participants feel better able to make a coherent, confident and above all, engaging presentation.

Who should attend? Anybody who wants to improve their ability to:

  • Address colleagues or clients effectively
  • Make a presentation come alive
  • Give a platform speech
  • Deliver an impromptu vote of thanks

A typical workshop covers the following topics:

  • Practical help to develop structure
  • How to appear spontaneous
  • Banishing nerves
  • The importance of interaction
  • Getting your persona across to your audience
  • Scripting for public delivery
  • Using visual aids and props

At the end of the session participants will:

  • Look, sound and feel more confident
  • Understand what makes a good talk or presentation
  • Have a technique for effective impromptu speaking
  • Have benefitted from constructive feedback from a live audience in a safe environment

Participants receive:

  • A comprehensive workshop manual
  • Immediate post-event email and telephone support
  • An invitation to join the Management Advantage group on 'LinkedIn'

Duration: Full day
Workshop led by: Judith Perle or Tony Newton
Group size: Minimum 2 participants, maximum 8
Guide price: £485 for each of the first two participants. £350 for each additional
participant up to 8.
Travel, subsistence, travelling time and VAT are extra. The workshop is held at the client's premises or at a venue booked by the client.
Report back to client: Detailed quantitative and qualitative participant feedback in Excel format

Please also see the 'One on one' coaching page if you need individual help with a specific presentation, speech or event.



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“Our one-to-one sessions provided a useful basis through which I was able to clarify and evaluate my assumptions and skills, determine networking targets and begin to actively network to fulfil those targets. Your feedback and help in re-evaluating my strategy as time progressed was very useful in ensuring I kept on track and progressed my networking activities in a more effective manner.”

Karl Cook, Managing Director, Moore Stephens International Ltd.