Telephone techniques for senior managers

  • Do you put off difficult phone calls?
  • Can you create the right impression on the phone?
  • Do you get what you want when you make a 'cold call'?
  • Ever missed an opportunity by not making a call when you should have done?

There is plenty of telephone training available for receptionists and call centre staff, but very little tailored to the needs of mature, senior managers. Every one of us has been on the receiving end of an appalling call, and most of us have made them too! And every poor call can mean lost business, lost opportunity or lost credibility.

Communicating well on the phone demands certain skills: unlike email where you have time to formulate a response, the phone is a two way conversation, so you have to be well prepared and ready to deal with challenge. And unlike a 'face to face' conversation, you don't have the visual cues that most of us rely on so much to tell you what's going on behind the actual words themselves. But perhaps most difficult of all is the fact that the recipient of your call will build an almost instant image of you based not on who you really are, but on the image that your voice alone projects of you.

Put very simply, if you can't create the right impression on the phone, you won't get the help, referrals and information you're looking for and you may not even realise that it's your telephone technique that's at fault. The workshop offers ample opportunity for 'role play' to try out new techniques and approaches in a safe, supportive environment, and to discuss and resolve any specific issues that attendees may have in getting the best from the telephone as a business tool.

Who should attend? Anybody who wants to:

  • Improve their 'hit rate' when using the phone to seek information, explore job opportunities, make sales and develop contacts

A typical workshop covers the following topics:

  • Overcoming real and imagined fears
  • Benefits and drawbacks of telephone contact
  • Warming up 'cold' calls
  • Planning and scripting
  • Improving how you sound
  • Getting gatekeepers 'on side'

At the end of the session participants will:

  • Feel more in control of phone calls
  • Be better prepared to make difficult or complex calls
  • Be better placed to get what they want from business calls
  • Be less tempted to hide behind email

Participants receive:

  • A comprehensive workshop manual
  • Immediate post-event email and telephone support
  • An invitation to join the Management Advantage group on 'LinkedIn'

Duration: Half day
Workshop led by: Judith Perle or Tony Newton
Price per participant: £195 plus VAT

This workshop is held several times a year at central London locations. Please see our Open Workshop Calendar for forthcoming dates and to download the booking form.



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“Tony and Judith's advice about building rapport on the telephone has made a huge difference in my job hunt. I'm now much more successful at achieving my goals with each and every call.”

Richard Howard, Said Business School