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...there was a common feeling [among employers] that business schools are still not doing enough to develop ...softer skills.

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While generally accepted that 'soft skills' such as the ability to network and negotiate effectively are needed by MBAs in their job search and subsequent career management, the teaching of such skills has not traditionally been seen as the role of the business school.

Recognising that a very definite 'skills gap' exists, many forward thinking schools now offer our training to help improve their students' job prospects and, by extension, the school's ranking.

Since 2001, Management Advantage has worked to create a range of workshops tailored to the specific needs of business schools, presented in a format proven to be both engaging and stimulating.

Feedback from participants and our level of repeat bookings is your guarantee that you will be providing a quality product for your students, staff or alumni. Here's the evidence in the form of feedback from over 1,600 people who've come to one of our workshops:

  • Content 82%
  • Presentation 88%
  • Usefulness 83%
  • Enjoyment 84%
  • Interactivity 83%

When asked whether the workshop had been worth their time, 97% said that it had, and over 95% would be happy to recommend the workshop to colleagues.

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Tony led a great session for MBA students at London Business School on professional business skills. He was lively and showed wide-ranging interests which helped him engage with a wide selection of attendees.

Conrad Young, London Business School MBA