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Do you put off difficult phone calls?

Can you create the right impression on the phone?

Do you get what you want when you make a 'cold call'?

Ever missed an opportunity by not making a call when you should have done?


Telephone techniques for senior managers

Half day workshop


There’s plenty of telephone training for receptionists and call centre staff, but very little tailored to the needs of mature, senior managers. Yet we’ve all received appalling calls, and most of us have made them too! And every poor call can mean lost business, a lost opportunity or lost credibility.


Communicating well on the phone demands specific skills: you have to be well prepared and ready to deal with a changing and unpredictable situation, and you have no visual clues to what’s going on behind the actual words themselves. But perhaps most difficult of all is the fact that person you’re speaking to will build an almost instant image of you based on the tone and quality of your voice.


 Put very simply, if you can’t create the right impression on the phone, you won’t get the help, referrals and information you’re looking for and you may not even realise that it’s your telephone technique that’s at fault. The workshop offers ample opportunity to try out new techniques and approaches in a safe, supportive environment, and to discuss and resolve any specific issues that attendees may have in getting the best from the telephone as a tool.

Who should attend?

What we cover

The outcome

Anyone who needs to use the phone to:
  • Seek information
  • Explore job opportunities
  • Make sales
  • Develop contacts
  • Reconnect with past acquaintances
A typical workshop covers:
  • Overcoming real and imagined fears
  • Benefits and drawbacks of telephone contact
  • Warming up ‘cold’ calls
  • Planning and scripting
  • Improving how you sound
  • Getting gatekeepers on your side
After the session participants will:
  • Feel more in control of their phone calls
  • Be better prepared to make difficult or complex calls
  • Be better placed to get what they want from their business calls
  • Be less tempted to hide behind email



A guide to making – and keeping – the connections that make your, our and everyone else’s world go round.

The book walks you through everything you need to know about connecting with other people.

Judith and Tony’s goal in the book is to get away from the manipulative ‘working a room’ concept of networking. Instead, they use the results of research into human interactions coupled with real case studies to justify the hints, tips and suggestions they propose.


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