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Our approach to networking is based on three firm beliefs:

  • A smattering of theory provides a solid foundation for our actions. So we introduce key concepts in network theory.
  • Research shows that everyone can network successfully – all it takes is the right approach and plenty of practice. The emphasis is on ‘learning by doing’.
  • Networking for long-term benefit involves more than social media – so we focus on the actual process of meeting people and building relationships.



With so much communication being non-verbal, how we do and say things is at least as important as the actual words we use.

The best negotiators, networkers, presenters and salespeople make intuitive use of non-verbal communication (body language and voice). This workshop unravels those fundamentals and presents them in a form which everyone can use to their advantage.



Put very simply, if you can’t create the right impression on the phone, you won’t get the help, referrals and information you’re looking for and you may not even realise that it’s your telephone technique that’s at fault.

The workshop offers ample opportunity for ‘role play’ to try out new techniques and approaches in a safe, supportive environment, and to discuss and resolve any specific issues that attendees may have in getting the best from the telephone as a business tool.



Some people are natural negotiators. Most of us aren’t, and tend to fall back into traits learnt as far back as childhood. Whether in the hard-headed business environment of a multi-million pound deal or simply agreeing a fee with the plumber, we tend to be held back by the risk of embarrassment, the need to conform and the fear of failure… and the techniques to deal with these apparently different situations can be much the same!



Our ‘Good On Your Feet’ workshop is structured to give practical help to small groups of people and takes as its starting point the fact that any presentation can be deconstructed into a number of identifiable elements and that individual participants will vary widely in their comfort with each of those elements.

Those component parts are individually discussed, practised and critiqued in a series of exercises (including video recording).



A guide to making – and keeping – the connections that make your, our and everyone else’s world go round.

The book walks you through everything you need to know about connecting with other people.

Judith and Tony’s goal in the book is to get away from the manipulative ‘working a room’ concept of networking. Instead, they use the results of research into human interactions coupled with real case studies to justify the hints, tips and suggestions they propose.


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